Pro-Tec, Experts in Air Conditioners and Water Heaters.

An air conditioner provides optimum comfort and is certainly not a luxury in Aruba. The range of air conditioning systems and techniques has become enormous. That makes the choice sometimes complicated. Pro-Tec can help you with choosing the right system. On the basis of quality, durability and efficiency. Developments in recent years have ensured that air conditioners are no longer an energy consuming devices.

Did you know that when choosing the right air conditioner you can save up to 70% on your energy cost? High efficiency we call it. Don’t get confused with all the talk about inverters, because they also come in various efficiency levels, talk to us, talk to the experts. Pro-Tec can not only advise you on the right choice of your air conditioner, but also has its own installation and service that guarantees a problem-free installation and regular maintenance. Pro-Tec also offers you factory warranty on your air conditioner which can run up to 7 years.

Hot water might not be on the top of your priority list when you think about living/staying on Aruba, but for a real hot bath or shower the water is just a little too cold. You have a lot to consider when selecting a new water heater for your home. You should choose a water heating system that will not only provide enough hot water but also that will do so energy efficiently, saving you money. We can help you not only with choosing the right system, but also with the installation and maintenance

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Pro-Tec, experts in air conditioners and water heaters